Sports Court Resurfacing

Sports Court Resurfacing

Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts & More

Our sealing and resurfacing service don’t end with just asphalt pavements. We also work on surfaces found in a variety of indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. Our team can expertly surface and repair tennis courts, basketball courts, inline skating surfaces, running tracks, and other surfaces used for sports.

The Sealcoating Services of Clifton Park team can apply the applications that help ensure the longevity and viability of a quality court, track, or surface. We can also repair imperfections to any sports surface, including cracks on the court or a new coat of paint. 

Just Like New

Many sports are played on asphalt surfaces. Tennis and basketball are just two such examples. As you know, time and weather can take their toll on an asphalt surface. This is true not only of a driveway or parking lot, but also of a tennis or basketball court. Fortunately, Sealcoating Services of Clifton Park can evaluate and repair your asphalt sports surface.

Sealcoating Services of Clifton Park will fix cracks and holes on your court and repair issues like bubbling or peeling playing surfaces. Our sports court resurfacing services are similar to the high-quality work we provide for parking lots and driveways. We can have your tennis or basketball court looking as good as new in no time. 

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